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Maximize Your Savings with High-Quality IP Translations for Every Budget and Need

Discover a range of translation services from AI-driven speed and accuracy to expert precision with Azami’s trusted network.

Tailored Translation Services for Intellectual Property Professionals

Choose from three levels of translation services tailored to your specific IP needs. Whether you need speed, accuracy, or both, Azami helps you efficiently manage global IP translations.

Comprehensive Translation Solutions for Every Need

Transform your IP management with tailored translation services designed to meet diverse needs, including:

  • Patent applications and prosecution documents
  • Scientific literature
  • Litigation documents
  • Legal contracts
  • Marketing Literature
  • Trademark applications and related documents

AI Translations

Quick, Automated, Cost-Effective

Leverage AI-powered translations to meet tight deadlines and achieve efficient, high-volume results. Suitable for large-scale translations that require a rapid turnaround.


Hybrid Translations

 Combining Speed and Precision

A combination of AI and human editors, providing cost-effective translations enhanced by vetted linguistic experts in the applicable science field.  Suitable for IP documents, including patent applications, requiring a high degree of nuance and linguistic accuracy.


Azami Network Translations

The Highest Quality by IP Experts

Our Azami Network comprises vetted IP translation professionals, ensuring impeccable attention to detail and contextual accuracy. Ideal for your most critical legal documents and submissions.

Find the Right Translation Solution for You

"The turnaround time to get answers to my questions is generally less than a day. It is helpful to be able to rely on a big team of qualified individuals."


"Their team is responsive, thorough, and keep us informed at every step through the process."


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Balancing Cost and Quality in IP Translations:

How to Choose the Best Approach for Your Business

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